The end…..

So, my fairytale is over. The man said he has fallen out of love with me. Not only have I lost my lover but my best friend even though he says we will maintain our friendship I don’t know how this will work…..

…. it’s not… five months later and he has shown me even more malice and spite than the times I saw those traits pop out when we together. 


Male “PMS “

Male “PMS”….. Myth or reality? I’m pretty bloody sure it exists! Like yes you generally get stressed with my anxiety/ocd driven triple checks of stuff before I can leave the house but I tell you what it feels at times that it REALLY REALLY affects you when to me, who is super touchy at the best of times, it seems like no big deal at all.

Yeah I get you hate shopping of ANY kind but when it’s a necessity i.e. Groceries or gifts…. You guys can’t simply rely on us ladies to get it done. Especially if it’s a gift shop for a female friend of the both of us. Yes before when you were bachelor man a JB hifi voucher would do but even though I’m suggesting body products or something a little more personal I do not only want but need your input no matter if you say you know nothing about it so what help will you be? Well you manage to buy your own cologne, aftershave balm, body wash etc….. So that excuse is kinda redundant ok???? 

So getting back to the whole male hormonal swings …. Yep I’m pretty convinced it exists as I’ve seen my male friends sync up hormonally with their wives in a way. So give me a bit of a break once in a while especially when I know you’ll be over it by tomorrow and I will be feeling shit about my actions for a week! Like us ladies who know when our PMS is due we need to check ourselves can you guys become aware also and try a gentler tone, a nicer way of speaking etc? 

Thank you in advance from all woman kind 😘

Hung over!

Ok so I’m not a drinker…anymore, but not having the courage to tell my partner how I really felt about my feeling abandoned on the weekend I turned to alcohol and today my body and mind pays. And also a plus and also a minus is that my partner has been given insight into just how fucked up I am, which i think he thought he knew but yesterday I think was a real eye opener for him but he’s still around and for that I love him so much more and give him huge props!

He put me to bed, went and collected my parents dogs from where they needed to be picked up from AND went and got desperately needed dog food which he fed to all three pooches in my care at the moment.

I have a shrink appointment this afternoon so the traffic will be shit and it’s hot out and I will surely just sit in a puddle of tears for half an hour! So I will endeavour to come back and write more frequently as I have been mainly writing in my physical journal nightly.

Oh and as for the band…I tipped the scales at 100 the other day but am down to 96 within two days :-/ ……. I am fairly restricted with what I can eat but am constantly hungry…go fucking figure! I have an appointment with my surgeon the day after mum and dad get back which is just over a week away…. that cannot come quickly enough for many reasons but also to get another half mL in my band…I just prefer to not feel hungry at all…ever, much easier that way!

So for now….ciao

It’s been a while….

Hey dudes, it’s been a while, a lot has gone down. My man had a possible TIA which is like a mini stroke, which came as a complete shock to us all as even though it runs in his family he is the most healthy and strong man I know! So have just been takingtime to support him as I know even though he doesn’t tend to admit, he is stressed with all the neuro and therapy sessions.

Have also been not in the greatest of health myself with a slip of my lap band and them having to take all the fluid out and consequently putting on 9 kilos which really really affects the prolapsed disc in my back, so suffice to say have been very pained! But never fear am off to The Alfred to see my surgeon tomorrow and get the last two ml of fluid in my band which will help with my food consumption!

Mr bryn on the other hand is doing well and still so active for a ten year old dog, he really is in great shape! So this pleases me muchly!

Promise to be on here more and keep you updated with the mundane day to day of what is my life! Well apart from my boo who brings me joy every moment of every day!!!